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Bravo, TGIF Network

I really need to give credit, where credit is due. And that credit goes to the venerable TGIF DMR Network.

On Thursday, December 17th 2020, the TGIF network, unfortunately suffered an extended and unplanned outage. According to one of the TGIF Network co-founders and admin, Robert (K4WZV), their hosting provider performed some (planned) maintenance on their server (or Xen virtual machine as it sounds), and the maintenance introduced a bug which took the server down, resulting in a major outage.

I’ve been there. In 20-some-odd years of a fruitful IT career, I’ve suffered countless unplanned outages. And when you have people and corporations who rely on your services, it’s quite stressful. So I’m sensitive to those service providers who suffer these kinds of outages.

Why the TGIF Network is Awesome

Simply, because the co-founders’ passion is clearly evident. Robert, K4WZV, kept all of his users apprised of the issue. He went as far as describing the issue in full technical detail, fostering full transparency. Robert was calm, professional, and still very helpful while being peppered with questions, etc., many of which were redundant.

And guess how much money Robert and the rest of the TGIF Network crew charges for access to their DMR network. Zilch. Nothing. It’s gratis.

So they’re paying a hosting provider, providing tons of support to their users all the time, coding their infrastructure on their own valuable time (and supporting that too), and yet, when there’s an outage, it’s a big deal to them; because they care about their users. And they don’t charge a penny.

If that isn’t flat-out passion, I don’t know what is.

Now before you bitch about Robert using the TGIF platform/network as “a vehicle to sell his popular TGIF Spot” hotspot1, please go fuck yourself. The TGIF network belongs to he and his partners. And we all have the privilege of using it…gratis. Ergo, Robert has every right to do with or on his network, as he pleases. Have you considered that perhaps proceeds from TGIF Spot sales, help to defray some costs associated with operating the TGIF Network? I don’t even like the TGIF Spot, but I certainly support the notion of it, and I appreciate the value it offers ham operators.

But I digress.

Bravo, TGIF Network Team. Bravo.

Robert (K4WZV), and Ty (KG5RKI), and I’m sure others, really worked tirelessly to get their users back online. And they did so productively, professionally and were excellent communicators throughout the entire debacle. Not of these attributes come easily while under stress or the mercy of a third-party hosting provider. I’ve been there…too many times.

I’m proud to be a supporter and member of the TGIF Network. And if you’re not yet, please consider joining. It’s a wonderful group of hams and founders.

  1. I’ve heard and read, on more than one occasion, hams complaining about Robert “peddling” his TGIF Spot on his network. 

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