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Clueless Hams and Talker Aliases

Come on, “hams”…please use meaningful talker aliases on DMR.

You’re a DMR user and “what is a Talker Alias”, you ask? Figures… 😡

What Talker Alias Is

Similar to how D-Star operates, DMR Talker Alias allows hams to transmit free-form text within the stream of their voice data. This means that hams can configure their radios (or BrandMeister, etc.) to send meaningful text, such as their fist name.

The Talker Alias spec. was added in 2016 to the ETSI DMR spec.1

Why is Talker Alias Important?

Often overlooked or not much care given, Talker Alias has the potential to help augment the CCS7/DMRID database(s), by essentially decentralizing them from a user’s set of use-cases. This means that hams can forego uploading huge and shitty contact databases to their radios manually. These stupid files are outdated by a significant margin in a short 24 hours anyway.

Since Talker Alias data is streamed along with the voice data in real-time, hams on the other end, in the perfect world, don’t need to worry about updating their radio with those stupid files. They get up-to-date information in a decentralized fashion, in real-time. What a concept!

But the data needs to be meaningful.

What Are Clueless Hams Doing Wrong?

Well, they have no idea how to properly configure their radios with meaningful Talker Alias data. They should learn to program their radios or respective DMR self-care accounts to use meaningful Talker Alias Data.

Here are some examples of clueless hams with useless Talker Alias data:

Idiot #1

Idiot #1

This ham is being redundant as fuck. We already know his call. And no one cares about his DMR ID.

Idiot #2

Idiot #2

Wow…that’s sure informative. Another clueless ham using his call in his Talker Alias. Yay.

Idiot #3

Idiot #3

This idiot has definitely spent time in the redundant department of redundancy department.

Non-Clueless Hams

Here are some examples of meaningful Talker Alias data from adept hams:

Adept Ham #1

Good Ham

Holy shit! We know his first name! A bit of redundancy, but he has other meaningful information.

Adept Hams(s) #2

Good Hams

Fuck me! First names, and a location?!?! (hey, that’s me!) How useful!

Fix Your Fucking Talker Alias

Use meaningful data for talker aliases, so hams can easily ID you, put a name to a call, and not have to upload shitty files to their radios. Don’t be a clueless ham. If I can figure it out, so can you.


  1. Full ETSI Specification with Talker Alias on p. 52. 

Ver. # e92ebd8 - Document last updated: 1/22/2022
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