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Dramatic Feb 2021 Weekend; Part 2

The weekend of February 20-20, 2021 in the realm of ham radio, was just as dramatic as, and a continuation of, the first week of February, 2021

Unbelievable amounts of dumb and lazy hams, service outages and Pi-Star changes, which end confusing dumb hams who don’t deserve their ham tickets.

More Service Outages

  • The YSF/FCS Wires-X America-Link server apparently went down, again, and on the night of their Sat. PM net. The last time it went down, the “server admin” admitted that Windows Updates broke the system. Now knowing Windows runs their network, I likely will never use America-Link again (there are far better open source alternatives, and I’m shocked they aren’t using any of them).

  • YSF Reflector Registry outage - AGAIN. This affects my YSF Reflector List, since I pull the data via their API. In fact, since the shitty YSF Reflector Registry went down the first week in Feb. 2021, it hasn’t been reliable or accurate ever since. Ergo, my YSF Reflector list hasn’t been accurate much of the time. I’ll give it another two weeks before I likely 86-it from my website completely.

Recent Pi-Star Changes Which Confuse Dumb and Lazy Hams

There have been myriad Pi-Star code changes as of late, introducing new features and UI elements, which end up confusing the fuck out of dumb and lazy hams. Now, while documentation and dashboard change information are mostly non-existent, it takes me literal seconds to experiment and inspect the code of these upstream changes to affirmatively figure out what they actually do. If I like/appreciate the changes, or if I deem them critical, I then merge them into my own fork.

Anyway, when one of these changes are made to the upstream code base and it hits all the dumb and lazy hams’ hot spots, all hell breaks loose. The various support mediums become absolutely fucking littered with the same exact redundant questions, along with hundreds (cumulatively) of incorrect and misinformed answers and responses. What ends up happening, is my correct answer gets buried.

Aaaand, I’m Out…

My solution to this? I simply unfollowed the various support mediums, en masse. I can no longer tolerate the terrible signal-to-noise ratio. I get no value out of the support mediums, and my contributions are buried and lost by idiots flooding the questions with wrong answers. Hams either, 1) take zero initiative to figure things out, or 2) the self-appointed know-it-alls provide misinformation and incorrect answers.

I can’t (and don’t want to) help the uninitiated and lazy, and I can’t take reading the wrong answers and misinformation. Let them all struggle and be dumb, lazy and misinformed in their shitty collectives together; while I and the rest of the motivated and sharp hams, actually getting things done, can enjoy ourselves and share accurate experiences and information.

Good luck, and I won’t be seein’ ya, dumb mother-fuckers! 🖕

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