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Dramatic Feb. 2021 Weekend

It was a dramatic first weekend of February 2021 in the world of ham radio. Lots of bitching and moaning, dumb and lazy hams, myriad outages, and more.

I’ll concisely summarize what I witnessed in ham radio drama during Feb. 5-7, 2021…

Service Outages

  • The YSF/FCS Wires-X America-Link server went down, due to…ready for it? Fucking Windows Updates. 😒 There are no words. (source: AmericaLink FB Group “server admin’s” post)

  • DAPNET Outage. No DAPNET POCSAG services have been working pretty much all weekend. Their website is down, too.

  • YSF Reflector Registry Outage. This affects my YSF Reflector List, since I pull the data via their API. After some troubleshooting and forensics on my end, it looks like the YSF Registry is hosted on some of the aforementioned DAPNET resources.

Dumb And Lazy Hams Galore

This weekend’s moon was Waning Crescent, so I have no idea why there was an incredible influx of some of the dumbest and laziest hams I’ve seen in a long time.

One dumb and lazy ham in particular valiantly tried, and failed, to debate with me, and he ended up deleting his post altogether. Smart move. He was losing the battle quickly, and was incorrect on countless occasions, and was called out by me for being a lazy, clueless “ham.”

Also, there’s been a recent onslaught of Pi-Star changes, and “hams” are going bananas with the changes, not doing research, needing to be nursed, etc.

And of course, you have the freeloading and complaining “hams” bitching and moaning about the TGIF infrastructure migration “taking too long”, while none of them have ever performed such a migration in their lifetime, let alone be a real operator.

So Many hams out there suck ass, and it shocks me how many there are. And they really suck the life and joy out of the hobby, too. However, I will likely remain in the various support forums/groups/lists/channels/nets/etc., simply because these pussies give me something to write about.

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