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Freeloading Complainers; Part 2

As a brief follow-up to part 1 of my freeloading complainers article, I had quite the experience last night to share…

It was new year’s night, 2021, and I was attending the Friday night TGIF Net on the TGIF Network. They are in the process of migrating their server/platform to an entirely new one. So a special guest of the Net, was Ty, KG5RK, a wonderful human being, and the main developer and programmer for the entire network.

To say his plate is full, is an understatement. Regardless, the Net opened up for hams’ questions for Ty, about the upcoming migration. The amount of rudimentary and redundant/repeated questions was out of control, so at that point, I had tuned out most of the meeting and worked on my own programming while the Net was still in progress.

And Then a Freeloading Complainer, Complains

All of a sudden, one fuckin’ guy, who’s call sign is W2DEA, asks a question to the very patient KG5RK, with regard to some type of functionality (which I don’t quite remember the exact question/context, but I do remember the ungrateful attitude and tone…it was very hard to miss.).

I was taken aback, and his tone commentary got my attention real quick. He’s a Freeloading Complainer.

Here’s why:

  1. TGIF costs ham users nothing
  2. TGIF costs the founders money, and they provide their service gratis.
  3. TGIF is operated by volunteers
  4. TGIF is not a company

Fortunately, one of the benevolent TGIF founders, Robert (K4WZV), replied to the ungrateful fuck, W2DEA, gently reminding him that “TGIF Network is not AT&T - we’re volunteers.”

I’m not so gentle, and I would have torn the fucker a new asshole publicly.

Way to go Ty and Robert, for keeping your cool to this thankless bastard on YOUR network. I wouldn’t have - that’s for sure.

And N2DEA, no one fuckin’ cares about your issues with functionality, etc. with a volunteer-run, free service. Help out, figure it out, etc. or shut your mouth.

The net was recorded, and you can hear this thankless fuck for yourself, around the 1 hour; 14 min; 30 sec. mark.

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