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Ham Radio 2.0 Sucks

Jason, KC5HWB, maintains the popular(?) YouTube channel, “Ham Radio 2.0”. To me, it’s yet another kool-aid-drinking cesspool of “content”.

I’ve viewed some of his videos, and frankly, they are simply sponsored bullshit video advertisements for lots of shitty products. This offers zero value since the manufacturer/distributor sends these to Jason for a “review”; which is load of crap.

A high-value review is from someone who paid for, and frequently uses the item being reviewed. Sponsored videos aren’t reviews. The weirdo K6UDA who uses women in his thumbnails as click-bait, is another one of these piss-poor “reviewers”. And anyone who actually finds value in these hams’ videos, is ignorant.

Speaking of thumbnails, why does KC5HWB insist on making stupid and ugly faces in his fucking thumbnails?


His actual dull personality, poor inflection and boring speaking style doesn’t line up with his silly faces in his thumbnails.

Jason, your forced, sponsored “content” sucks, bro; and your stupid faces just make you even less credible. Valiant effort, though.

To me, sponsored “reviews” are dishonest and have zero credibility.

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