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Hams Are Dumb and Lazy; Part 2

Building upon my first in the Hams are Dumb and Lazy series, here’s part two, depicting a perfect example of a dumb and lazy ham. I sincerely have no idea, how these “hams” pass their technical exams. Perhaps sheer test bank memorization without a single understanding as to any RF or electronics theory.

Anyway, below is a screenshot of a dumb and lazy ham asking for support in the Pi-Star Facebook group. Aside from his atrocious lack of grammar, incorrect punctuation and misspelling(s), he is asking the question in the dumb, lazy way.

A fine example, of a dumb, lazy ham.

I bite; knowing full-well that he took no initiative, and ask him what steps he took to troubleshoot, and to mention what the logs say. His response could not be more stupid, and I then left the thread silently. He doesn’t even take initiative to try anything.

The ham radio hobby is absolutely littered with these types of people, making it an awfully boring and predictable hobby at times.

Dumb and Lazy “Hams”, Are Not Hams

This dumb lazy ham wants his hand held, and doesn’t want to learn, to troubleshoot or to know how things work. He just wants it to work like the dumb, lazy appliance-operator he is. Worse, this “ham” likely thinks smart, self-initiated hams actually want to talk to him on the air. 🤦‍♂️ Dumb and lazy “hams”, are by no means, hams. Go ahead, attempt to change my mind. Good luck.

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