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Hams Are Dumb and Lazy

It sometimes amazes me, that hams can successfully pass the exam to obtain their licenses. Myself being a part of multiple tech communities of different disciplines, hams take the cake as far as being the dumbest and laziest. There are countless examples and cases I see, daily, of hams being dumb and lazy, and they really suck the joy and spirit out of the hobby.

Let’s take Pi-Star as one example:

The Pi-Star official Facebook support group is absolutely littered with the most fundamental, basic questions out there. Many of which are: “I can’t access the dashboard”, or, “How do I pair my Pi-Star hotspot with Wifi?”. Or, “I can’t access BrandMeister anymore! Help!” (after BrandMeister changed their security model which has been published and answered more times than I’ve taken a shit in 40-something-years).

How about WSJT-X? Same old shit: “How can I do ‘x” in WSJT-X with Winderz 7, y’all?" Ugh…kill me now.

These “hams” provide absolutely no discovery, background, no steps they took to troubleshoot, etc. They just want their little hands held and told exactly how to make something work, with no care in the world how it is supposed to work. No reading documentation, no searching for solutions, no trial-and-error, just going straight to other hams to make shit work and becoming world-renowned and useless appliance operators.

Dumb and Lazy Hams Make the Hobby Suck

It shows how dumb, inept at the most basic troubleshooting, lazy and useless these ham “operators” can be. So much so, that I really feel they do the hobby a disservice. Here’s how: they are hindering the vibrant and intellectual discussions of ham radio and operating; and no one is really learning or sharing anything valuable at the end of the day. All it seems to be these days, is prolific hand-holding to the uninitiated and lazy - people I refuse to “help.” And 95% of the subject matter (even over the air) are the most basic, fundamental topics almost every ham should either be familiar with, or troubleshoot and figure out individually.

Worse, many of these basic fundamental topics are commonly discussed with tons of misinformation and bad advice, propagating even more dumb and lazy hams. It becomes a viscous cycle with seemingly unstoppable momentum. Then, the adept, curious, self-motivated hams are left with very few like-minded hams to share knowledge with.

Experimentation, curiosity, self-initiation and autodidacticism is down the shitter - attributes of which I’ve exhibited and practiced my entire life, are seemingly gone. How boring.

“Teach a man to fish” they said…but these dumb-asses only want the fish delivered directly to their dinner plates. And yet, they call themselves, “hams”.

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