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Hams Who Use the Ø Character, Suck; Part 2

As a follow-up to my Hams Using Slashed-Ohs Suck article, I recently ran into a potentially bad use-case, further reinforcing my point, that hams who improperly use them in their call signs as zeros, suck ass.

Seriously, you fuckers doing this, need to be throat punched…hard. Now, I know you’re just being the dumb/ignorant hams hams I expect you to be, and you likely don’t know any better, but you’re going to create collisions with users of the letter Ø in their native languages.

How The Issue (almost) Affected Me and Other Hams Recently

I maintain my consummate and heavily-used Digital Radio Lists. What makes my lists differentiate from the others out there; is that they are much more user-friendly across all devices (mobile-frendly, too), and they are searchable, sortable, and downloadable. So these lists get significant user traffic…

Being that ham radio is a multi-national and multi-lingual hobby, as are the various networks that support the hobby (BrandMeister, YSFRegistry, etc.); the incorrect usage of Ø has now spilled into important information mediums, and not just some dumb ham’s email signature, website, QRZ profile etc…

They are now being used in names and descriptions of Reflectors (talkgroups soon I bet).

Example… Here, the Ø character is searched on my YSF Reflector List:

alt text

As you can see, two fucking idiot hams have used them in the description field of their respective YSF Reflectors when they registered them. So hey, WD0ESY and WD0HDR, you two SUCK ASS.

Here is an example of proper Ø usage in the description of a BrandMeister TalkGroup as it’s searched on my list:

alt text

That’s proper, because the folks who registered the talkgroup, are using their native language, Norwegian. And in Norwegian, Ø is a letter/vowel. The talkgroup name translates to, “Southern and Eastern Norway”.

I have the distinct feeling, that this will get worse and cause issues…

Use Cases Where Dumb Hams Will Cause Collisions

It’s only a matter of time, before more and more reflectors and talkgroups, are named/described in the trustees’ native tongue. And since there are dumb hams who use the Ø character in call signs and descriptions, collisions will occur.

This means a Norwegian, Danish, Faroese, etc. speaker/writer, will invariably and erroneously, be presented with idiots’ descriptions/names/call signs improperly displaying the letter of the users’ native language.

This isn’t only rude and inconsiderate to those who use Ø in their native languages, but it makes for a terrible and erroneous user experience. It causes information break-down, period.

Simple Programming Can “Fix” Dumb Hams

(Well, I wish my programming could fix stupid people. But…)

To proactively combat this idiocy in my various lists, I had to spend valuable time, programming logic to detect improper Ø usage, then automatically convert the idiot hams’ improper Ø character to the actual, literal 0 (all while detecting and retaining proper Ø usage). This way, any new talkgroups/reflectors improperly using the character won’t matter, as they will be automatically converted too; and native users of the Ø letter won’t get shitty search results.

And shame on the YSF Reflector Registry for allowing dumb American hams to erroneously collide with other languages in your registry. You’re a German-run resource, and you should know better.

Please. Fucking. Stop.

You stupid hams really need to stop improperly using the Ø character in your call signs. I will continue to call you out publicly. And lately, this site has been getting lots of traffic (presumably because I call spades, fucking spades, and people are inexplicably drawn to read about it.), and everyone will see how dumb you are.

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