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W0CHP-PiStar-Dash Issue Tracker and Pull Requests Now Active

Since making W0CHP-PiStar-Dash available to the public, I refrained from accepting bug/issue reports & fixes, pull requests, patches, etc. After all, it was a tiny personal project I worked on, all alone.

However, my software has become more and more popular and more visible, and has exceed the installations I had envisioned. With so many users of my software now, I made the decision to enable bug reports, pull requests, etc. in the respective Git repositories.

My software touches and affects many people now, and I feel that it’s a smart idea to allow people to help with my pet project to make it even batter for users of my software…

Pertinent Git Repositories

Users/developers/hackers can now register for user accounts for the Git repositories and issue bug reports, pull requests, patches, etc.

Note, that git repo access is provided by HTTPS only – no SSH access (for now).

Let’s see how this goes. If it proves valuable to the users and hackers of my software, awesome…that’s the goal. If it becomes a place for support, I will consider that abuse and delete user accounts – and possibly close it back off to contributors. So DO NOT ASK FOR SUPPORT. Repo and issue tracker access is for developers/hackers and contributors only!

The issue tracker is NOT for:

  1. Support requests
  2. Feature requests
  3. Other bullshit not germane to bugs, issues, etc.

Your account will be deleted and banned if these boundaries are crossed.

Ver. # 83b7300 - Document last updated: 2/3/2022
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