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M17 and DG-ID Support in W0CHP-PiStar-Dash

Update 1/10/2022:
After much testing, I have merged full M17 and YSF DG-ID capability into the master branch, and all other branches.

I have successfully (I think) implemented both M17 mode and YSF’s DG-ID Gateway support in W0CHP-PiStar-Dash (“WPSD”). I may regret this forever, but I could use help from testers, before I attempt to merge the functionality into the master WPSD branch.

Hang On One Sec!

Now, before you get all excited to help out and test, some non-negotiable rules:

  1. Read the fucking master WPSD rules

  2. If you will be filing issue/bug reports, you had better not be asking for support. You’ll be very sorry. This is for contributors.

  • Please indicate the correct branch in your issue: e.g. DG-ID_M17

How to Install the DG-ID_M17 Version/Branch

Run the following command your hot spot terminal:

curl -Ls | sudo env NO_SELF_UPDATE=1 env W0CHP_DASH_BRANCH=DG-ID_M17 bash -s -- -id

How to Help

  1. File bug/issue reports! (specify the proper branch!!!)

  2. Submit PR’s!

Some Notes

  • DG-ID support was custom-coded by yours truly, W0CHP. It even displays the current DG-ID set/link status.

  • As far as M17 support, I used some great integration code from the very talented Alessio Caiazza IU5BON. Alessio had recently issued a PR in Andy’s official Pi-Star branch – so I used much of the code from that PR. However…

    I added some enhancements: Actual M17 connection monitoring for the status panel; a “quick editor” for the M17Gateway configuration; and a few more features and tweaks, such as an “M17 Manager” – to manage your M17 connections on-the-fly.

Ver. # 0361f5d - Document last updated: 3/1/2022
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