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Pi-Star Will Break

UPDATE, June 5, 2021:
Users running DMR should run pistar update, twice. This will fix the issue I found yesterday and described below.
This will add a mandatory MMDVMhost config section which seems to have originally been forgotten upsgtream by Andy. Oops!
I called it! 😆

It’s the early evening of June 4, 2021. The Venerable Andy, MW0MWZ, has updated the custom-compiled Pi-Star Binaries various times today. I manually updated my dev, QA and Test Pi-Star instances, and they all broke. DMRgateway is complaining about “bad packets” from MMDVMhost, rendering DMR non-functional…

Unless my systems are all identically fucked, I have the distinct feeling that many Pi-Star users tomorrow (June 5, 2021) will also experience issues after their hot spots update automatically overnight. I will be watching this issue closely.

Ver. # 8f1828e - Document last updated: 3/1/2022
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