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W0CHP-PiStar-Dash and the (New) TGIF

Building on my April 25, 2021 article, there are still caveats with the (new) TGIF Network platform and (W0CHP-)PiStar-Dash.

TGIF Manger in the admin panel can control linking and unlinking talk groups, thanks to Ty’s, KG5RKI, backward compatibility with the old API. However…

The old API does not work to display connected/linked talk groups in the TGIF Manager, and I have very limited information on the new API. I’ve tried multiple times reaching out to Ty in order to work with him and get this working, but to no avail. No one’s fault; just conflicting schedules.

I also found a nasty bug in the new TGIF platform

When DMRGateway and/or MMDVMHost temporarily disconnects from the TGIF network during a Pi-Star (nightly or manual) update or a reboot, TGIF will not send the data back to your Pi-Star instance, even though TGIF’s SelfCare reports that your Pi-Star instance is still linked to your talk groups. Users are forced to disconnect/unlink from their desired talk group(s) and manually re-link to them in self care or the TGIF Manager, or be a newb and kerchunk to reconnect. Fucking annoying.

This behavior did not exist in the TGIF “Legacy” network, nor does this behavior exist in other “competing” networks.

I will be watching this issue closely, and I’m trying like hell to work in conjunction with TGIF development to get this issue addressed. In the meantime, I’ve already informed Ty about this bug, but have not heard back yet.

Ver. # e92ebd8 - Document last updated: 1/22/2022
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