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Stop Giving Hams Bad Advice

Myself as a ham, I’m connected to myriad support mediums, forums, groups, mailing lists, etc. It amazes me how much hams, give other hams bad advice, when problem-solving.

I’m going to put this right out there for you hams giving terrible advice: you suck, and you are not helping.

Stop trying to look smart. You’re not. Your flawed sense of “help” and “wisdom” is making you look like the fools you already are. At least try to hide that you’re indeed, a fucking fool.

Examples of Non-Helpful Hams

To put things into some context, these are actual examples, of hams thinking that they’re helping other hams with a problem; when in fact, the hams “helping” are offering absolutely zero value to the ham community.

Only DMR ID’s are showing up on my last-heard hotspot dashboard. How can I display the actual call signs?

Shitty answer 1: Re-install the (insert hotspot software here) from scratch.

Shitty answer 2: I know that the DMR-to-callsign DB is updated daily, but not sure how to manually invoke it.

Shitty answer 3: The DMR-to-callsign DB is updated nightly, so just wait it out.

Not one single shitty answer is good advice nor provides valuable help. #1 does not aid in troubleshooting and the shitty ham is obviously unfamiliar with the inner-workings of the hotspot software (i.e., DMR ID DB updates can be manually invoked). #2 is lazy and non-helpful. And #3 is the most useless of them all.

Let’s use more examples…

My DMR radios are no longer receiving Talker Alias data. What’s changed on BrandMeister, etc.?

Shitty answer (and I quote, with terrible grammar and structure.): Look on BM website there has(sic) been some changes

How about a link, you lazy fat fuck? Oh wait, I know why…BrandMeister made no such statement. So the dumb ham answering the question is simply causing even more confusion and spreading misinformation. 🤦

I manually upload the DMR ID DB to the contact list in my Anytone 878 DMR radio, but the radio sometimes displays strange characters, and sometime no contact info at all. I’m on the DMR-MARC network. What gives?

Shitty answer: Turn off Talker Alias so it’s (sic) using your contact list.

Clearly, the shitty-answering ham, did not read my Talker Alias article, and why Talker Alias is beneficial (as opposed to manually uploading outdated contact lists on the radio). The shitty ham gave terrible advice, and is helping to make DMR/ham radio go backwards. The shitty-answering ham, who “answered” in an actual Anytone radio support group, should know that the Anytone 878 can use one, another, or both contact sources (with a nice fall-back mode), in order of user-set priority. This ignorant “helping” ham should also know that DMR-MARC is a shitty-ass and dated network, sucks the collective dicks of Motorola and Rayfield Communications (c-Bridge), and does not support Talker Alias because no Motorola/c-Bridge equipment can currently process it. It would have been helpful if this dumb ham helped the other by educating the other ham on these very points.

Please Stop Non-Helping, and Shut the Fuck Up

I only listed a few (recent) examples because I’m pressed for time today. But I think the point is conveyed…

Hams really need to think about their (shitty, unhelpful) answers before spewing garbage. They’re not being helpful, they look foolish; and they need to leave the answers to the hams who actually know what the fuck they’re doing, and know how to actually provide valuable help.

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