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W0CHP-PiStar-Dash March 13 2021 Update Notes

Andy Taylor, MW0MWZ, is busy again updating the official Pi-Star software, and I track his changes very closely to review and merge those changes into my W0CHP-PiStar-Dash software/fork.

However, I have intentionally left out another recent feature…

Exclusions from the Official Upstream Code

DMR Network Failed Login Warning

Official Pi-Star now shows a colored warning cell in the left-hand panel of the dashboard when the user has a bad or missing DMR network password, etc. I excluded this for a few reasons. 1) My code is meant for users who actually know what they are doing, and is not meant to hand-hold idiots who can’t figure out how to login to various DMR networks. 2) My Instant Mode Manager by default colors the mode cells amber (configurable) when a user pauses a mode, and to me, this is a more important feature than an “Idiot Light”. 3) The DMR Network Login warning is taxing, as it constantly searches through the logs to find login errors - plus, I question the accuracy of this function to begin with.

Ver. # e92ebd8 - Document last updated: 1/22/2022
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