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New W0CHP-PiStar-Dash 'System Manager' Function

I’ve added a new feature to my W0CHP-PiStar-Dash software to help scratch yet another personal itch of mine. It’s called the “System Manager”.

You’ll find it in the admin section of the dashboard.

It manages/accomplishes two things (for now):

  1. Disables / Enables the intrusive and slow Pi-Star Firewall. Handy if you already have a decent firewall on your network. Also handy to re-enable it for mobile or off-site use.

  2. Disables / Enables Cron, to allow for late-night/early AM operation without interruptions form the native Pi-Star update and service restart process.

(More system controls may be added in the future.)


System Manager Page

alt text

Admin Page Status Panel

The Firewall, Cron (and many other services/processes) statuses are reflected here at a glance.

alt text

Command Line Goodness!

You can also disable/enable the firewall or cron daemon from command line… Run:

pistar-system-manager -h

…and you will be presented with the following options to chose:

pistar-system-manager usage:

  -h,   --help                     Display this help text.
  -dfw  --disable-firewall         Disable Pi-Star firewall rules and allow all traffic
  -efw  --enable-firewall          Enable Pi-Star firewall rules to defaults and only allow required traffic
  -dc,  --disable-cron             Stop the Cron daemon
  -ec,  --enable-cron              Start the Cron daemon

Ver. # e92ebd8 - Document last updated: 1/22/2022
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