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WinLink and The ARRL Suck

I’ll keep as concise as possible. One of my local ham clubs has been sucking the teat of the shitty WinLink service and promoting it profusely. I always felt WinLink sucked balls based on principle alone, the proprietary nature of it, and it really being basically a shitty ISP under the guise of a ham radio email service. It’s fucking up the amateur radio airwaves.

To add insult to injury, the ARRL has also repeatedly promoted the shitty protocol(s) WinLink (and other) shitty “services” utilize. And full disclosure: I am no longer a dues-paying member of ARRL1, and have not been for some time. They are a dated and out-of-touch organization, they nannie the real hams out there, and sucks the dicks of cash-grabbing companies corrupting ham radio. They actually never did anything valuable for me personally, and they STILL can’t get hams’ antenna rights respected (via legistlation) by the feds and local gov’t (“PRB-1”, IIRC?).

In fact, I’m not even a dues-paying member of this local ham club. They focus on dated and proprietary technologies far too often, and they are simply another glorified EMCOMM-focused ham radio whacker crowd. There are 3 other local clubs that focus on the cool and fun aspects of the hobby, thankfully.

For an interesting discussion on WinLink and its legality, etc., I am actually going to link to a QRZ2 forum thread from 2007 titled, Should WinLink be Illegal? Many hams in that thread are in my camp.

Even Wikipedia has a section on WinLink Controversies and US Regulatory Issues

Drinking the Kool-Aid

As usual, the local ham club, ARRL and any proponent of WinLink is ignorant, uninformed, non-curious and just plain dumb kool-aid drinkers; continuing to fuck up the hobby and airwaves with proprietary and useless garbage.

  1. For you “Life Members” of ARRL and other organizations/groups: good for you. Now you’re stuck with them when they change their platforms or views you disagree with or don’t support. This is exactly why I NEVER do “life” memberships. I’m a free, forward-thinker. Not a follower. 

  2. I is a well-known fact that I abhor the excreta pit of QRZ; but this was actually a decent discussion, and felt it merited a link. 

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