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Man, I wish DAPNET / would get their shit together. Over the course of the past few months or so, the DAPNET server becomes completely unreachable for extended periods of time.

Now, I’m not the biggest Kool-Aid drinking fan of DAPNET to begin with, but I have a DAPNET account and use the account for testing and validation purposes; since POCSAG (and the DAPNET service) is a part of my W0CHP-PiStar-Dash software.

WinLink and The ARRL Suck

I’ll keep as concise as possible. One of my local ham clubs has been sucking the teat of the shitty WinLink service and promoting it profusely. I always felt WinLink sucked balls based on principle alone, the proprietary nature of it, and it really being basically a shitty ISP under the guise of a ham radio email service. It’s fucking up the amateur radio airwaves.

Dramatic Feb. 2021 Weekend

It was a dramatic first weekend of February 2021 in the world of ham radio. Lots of bitching and moaning, dumb and lazy hams, myriad outages, and more.

I’ll concisely summarize what I witnessed in ham radio drama during Feb. 5-7, 2021…

W0CHP-PiStar-Dash 4.1.4 Update Notes

Andy Taylor, MW0MWZ, has been busy updating the official Pi-Star software, and I track his changes very closely to merge those changes into my W0CHP-PiStar-Dash software/fork.

Recently, Andy released Pi-Star ver. 4.1.4, and W0CHP-PiStar-Dash has been released with the same version and version number.

However, I have intentionally left out some features/additions…

Hams Are Dumb and Lazy

It sometimes amazes me, that hams can successfully pass the exam to obtain their licenses. Myself being a part of multiple tech communities of different disciplines, hams take the cake as far as being the dumbest and laziest. There are countless examples and cases I see, daily, of hams being dumb and lazy, and they really suck the joy and spirit out of the hobby.

Freeloading Complainers; Part 2

As a brief follow-up to part 1 of my freeloading complainers article, I had quite the experience last night to share…

It was new year’s night, 2021, and I was attending the Friday night TGIF Net on the TGIF Network. They are in the process of migrating their server/platform to an entirely new one. So a special guest of the Net, was Ty, KG5RK, a wonderful human being, and the main developer and programmer for the entire network.